Eclectic Drama and Music Delight

Ernesto DiRuggiero aka Finn Bridges

Finn Bridges striking a pose with electric guitar on a slide at a neighborhood playground.

Finn Bridges dials in newest form of music into Computer Editing Software and comes out with dynamic fresh beats

CLEVELAND — Finn Bridges, otherwise known as Ernesto DiRuggiero, can twist reality and transport you to a new environment — all with his music. A rather boisterous artist working out of a homemade studio in his basement, Finn Bridges is all about assimilating natural tones and voices into a menagerie of distorted sounds or only what I can describe as  tones in purgatory.

CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK TO HEAR FINN BRIDGES ON THE BRONSON SHOW The Bronson Show #11 – A Walk on the Eclectic Side… with music artist Finn Bridges

With his mysterious sound effects and hypnotic beats, Cleveland-area music artist Finn Bridges takes us on a “wicked-righteous” tour in the eclectic world of his mind via sound distortion, maimed beats and creative voice caricatures. For the first time ever, The Bronson Show features all original music from one artist.

Gathering ideas from a well-rounded list of mainstream musical artists, Bridges enjoys being creative with music and sounds to enable himself and the listener of his tunes to make a metaphysical transformation with mind and spirit in a “wicked-righteous” way.

Using the GarageBand software for the Apple Mac computer, Bridges uses techniques such as waving his microphone next to the speaker while recording to produce an effect that makes music sound like distortion in a long tunnel.

An self-described eclectic artist, Bridges is anxious to promote his music to the vast population worldwide, and he hopes listeners on this blog will take the time to comment on his Facebook site.

This episode of The Bronson Show delves into the mind of Finn Bridges, and brings forth mostly all his originally composed music in this 30-minute episode. Also heard, is Insane Clown Posse’s “Dead Body Man,” as one of Bridges favorite musician band.

CLICK HERE to access Ernesto’s Facebook site.