Amazing Race 18 set to debut Feb. 20 in HIGH DEFINITION

CBS Amaz Race

To be broadcast in HIGH DEFINITION

Former teams will compete once again for $1 million; here are my favorite teams


By Bronson Peshlakai

ELEVEN teams of two have been selected to compete in Amazing Race 18, for the first time in High Definition. After watching every series of the race in the past decade, I have a firm grasp at what these teams are capable of, and how they compete on the show.

I rated the players, in this note, according to my favorites. The first four players were hard for me to meter first to fourth, because they were all, at one point in time, my favorite player on the show. Here they are rated 1-11.

1.  MARGIE and LUKE — This mom and son team from Colorado Springs, made it to third place. Luke showed extraordinary skills and competiveness despite being hearing impaired. His mom served as an excellent translator and motivator for Luke, and kept up very well in just about all the fitness categories. She collapsed from dehydration once.

2.  JET and CORD — Brothers. Except for the idiotic cowboy music AR plays when they show this team from Okalahoma on screen, they are force to be reckoned with. They may seem like podunk, dunderheads from the prairie, but they think logically and can pass most physical challenges with ease.

3.  GREG and MALLORY — Pops and daughter team usually work well to solve problems. Greg is a by-the-book analyzer, which got the best of him when he and Mal got lost, and he kept using a printed map, and avoided directions. Mallory is so full of spunk, wit and charm. She has strong faith in God, and she is an amusing player to watch.

4.  ZEV and JUSTIN — These two best friends complement each other in a great way. Zev has some mild phobias, but his buddy Justin can pull him thru tense situations. Justin accidentally lost their passports and they were last to report. They have good attitudes and are smart enough working together to pull off a final three position.

5.  MEL and MIKE– Gay son and father forged ahead as a strong team. Dad was happy to spend time with his son, and they developed a solid rapport. Mel is 70 years old, and can be dogged down by some of the physical challenges, but he never gives up. He is truly proud of his son and they will run this race well.

6.  AMANDA and KRIS — Couples dating, they were a little too ambitious to form an alliance in the beginning of the show, and were soon sent to the wayside by their “friends,” Margie and Luke. They were gaining ground, and Margie and Luke made an executive decision to throw caution at their alliance. They never recovered.

7.  LAKISHA and JENNIFER — Sisters. These athletes had great hearts and minds and relied on their teamwork to get them as far as they did. They are a joy to watch as they collaborate and assess strategic moves to make — which they do in a quick-witted, and sometimes comical way.

8.  FLIGHT TIME and BIG EASY — Harlem Globetrotters teammates. They were a goofy but sturdy force to race the competition. They very athletic, but were sometimes laborious in their challenges. Heavy muscle stature and tall physique hampered their ability to scurry around quickly. Bad in my book, because they pushed down one of my fav times in a dash to the finish line.

9.  RON and CHRISTINA — Dad and daughter. This team didn’t stand out too much in my recollection.

10.  JAMIE and CARA — UCLA Cheerleaders. Can I say “bitches?”

11.  KENT and VYXSIN — Couple dating. Dressed in Goth fashion, with pink hair, both with pancaked makeup, didn’t seem to have a good connection in teamwork. They constantly yelled at each other, and they don’t know how to drive a stick shift. Come on, I learned when I was 7, seriously. Fun to watch for a few minutes, but you know they will blow it not working together.

SO, there you have it. My two-cents on Amazing Race 18’s new team lineup. Let’s hope they play safe. And, may the best team win. In a few weeks, keep a look out for my list of who I think may win this season.

May I have a penny for your thoughts? Please leave a comment.


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  1. The biggest beef I have with this show is the stupid taxi drivers. I mean, you have a good team who is plowing ahead, only to get sidetracked by some idiot taxi driver who is slow, or doesn’t know where the F he is going, or insists he knows where he is going, only to find out the team got screwed because of him. Seems unfair!!!

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