A Navajo Marine Is Remembered

It’s always a sad feeling to hear news that another U.S. soldier is killed. But, when a soldier from your community is killed, shockwaves of reality hits you hard. LCpl. Alejandro Yazzie was a Marine fighting in Afghanistan when he was killed in action by sniper fire Feb 16, 2010. The young Marine joined the military just six months ago, and is now another statistic of life loss while in combat. Listed below are some links to click on to read more about Yazzie.

NPR Radio: A Burst of Gunfire, And a Marine Lost in Marjah 

NPR Reporter Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson was embedded with marines as they were pushing the front line deeper into enemy territory in Afghanistan. This nine minute piece shows the tragic moment when sniper fire rained upon a group of marines. Soldiers yell out KIA, killed in action.

12 News: Navajo Marine Remembered
Phoenix NBC affiliate 12 News Reporter Andy Harvey was the only television journalist to interview LCpl. Alejandro Yazzie’s family in Rock Point, Ariz. The community located about 50 miles away NE of Chinle was mourning the loss of Yazzie. The family was initially guarded about talking to the media and sharing photos of their son. Harvey, a Navajo as well, convinced the family to open up and talk about the life of Alejandro.

Navajo Times: Afghanistan Offensive claims first Dine life

Navajo Times reporters Jan-Mikael Patterson and Erny Zah visited the remote Rock Point community and got community reaction in their piece. This story has reaction from Navajo President Dr. Joe Shirley Jr., who said Yazzie is the 11th soldier to be killed in action in the Middle East since Sept. 11, 2001.

Family members had a funeral for Yazzie at the Farmington, N.M., Civic Arena yesterday. 

According to iCasualties.org 1007 soldiers have been killed in action in around Afghanistan. This Web site has a comprehensive list of soldiers’ nationalities and which Afghanistan provinces has seen the most casualties.


Do you think U.S. troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq quicker than what The Pentagon plans for?