New blog

Alright, so it’s slightly crazy that I set up this blog. Call it an eerily whimsical maneuver I suppose, considering it is 3:15 a.m.

After reading my friend Crystal’s blog a few times, I figure what the hell. But, why? First of all, I hate writing editorials for the newspaper I work at, The Capital Journal (Pierre, S.D.). It’s hard to find a piece every other week. The ones I’ve written so far are so trite and just as lame as this posting. But, I figure writing a blog can probably fine tune my editorial writing skills. You think?

So with that, this is my announcement to the world that I intend to write a blog at least once a week… or perhaps if I just need to rant and rave, like Crystal does on hers. Whoa there cowboy!! You know I’m joking Crystal. You always have marvelous content on your blog.

Anyone wanting to read some top-notch stuff visit to read the thoughts of a well-mannered, bright and I’m-not-a-gumshoe-reporter-anymore-cuz-I-don’t-live-in-SouthDakota anymore kinda gal.


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